Have a restful night with the latest innovation in sleep aid, Netflix PM.

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The King of Phrygia would like you to know a few things about his affliction.

A nice Tin Can Tuesday video.

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Love a good laugh? Of course you do! Subscribe to Tin Can Brothers for new Laugh-Out-Loud comedy sketches every Tuesday! #TinCanTuesday

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Earlier today, Brian Rosenthal tweeted about this contest, wherein YouTube artists are being given the opportunity to create short horror films in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro himself. It’s obviously something that would be right up the alley of the Tin Can Brothers, but one of the stipulations of the contest is that participating YouTube channels must have ten thousand subscribers or more to gain access to the equipment and facilities of YouTube Spaces. 

As of this post, the Tin Can Brothers channel has 5,858 subscribers - a little more than half of what they need for this. We’ve only got a few weeks to get them to where they need to be, so please, Corey fans and everyone else, subscribe to TCB and help them get a chance at this awesome opportunity! ♥

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Every sleepover needs a spooky skeleton story…

(From our Tin Can Brothers live show in Chicago)

Prep for this scene included going to Home Depot and requesting “7 of your loudest clicky-flashlights please.”

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Clever, very clever.

Video Here - Donate Here

Also, another video that helps you understand what you are donating to is here. You need to watch it until the end to understand why it is helpful.

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Brian, Corey, and Joey do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Don’t forget to donate at alas.org!

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We’ve been so inactive lately and we’re SO sorry, but we’d be downright remiss to not share this photo from Corey’s instagram!

#tbt to 2005 when I was in Seussical (with @mcscan@esthermonster @jason9421 @joey_deb @clarajwong). Should I dig up some more photos? #seussical #musicals #wickershambros #highschool

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Answers & Facts from the Tin Can Bros livestream (Part 1of2)


I have way too much time on my hands, so I transcribed almost every question answered by Joey and Corey in their TinCanBros #LiveAtFive livestream. This first part is more or less the first half hour of the video. Part 2 to come later today. Hope it’s useful to someone. Enjoy!

Is everything scripted before hand or is there a basic idea and the most is improvised? 

Joey: It depends. The first sketch we did, the Phone Thief, was outlined. We had the basics, and we kinda rolled with it. It was probably the most improved sketch we’ve done, but a lot of them are scripted. Like the Rich Friend ones, they have a lot of physical jokes to it, the timing that needed to work out.

Corey: Then we have stuff that just sort of happens…

Joey: Totally, keep the camera rolling ‘cause that’s funnier. House of cards was really scripted, it really didn’t deviate from the script at all […]

Corey: Spoiler Alert is very scripted, up until… right before the end, with all the different spoiler things and Jack’s reactions.

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TCB Live At Five! with Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich and Brian Rosenthal

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